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Choosing An Edge For Your Worktop

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July 13, 2021



Material of countertop/step: selected, colour: selected, pattern: selected. And then you realise that all the hard work isn’t over yet when you are asked the final question ‘’what edge would you prefer?’’ You then realise that the choices concerning the finish edge are abundant too that you have to choose from. In any granite/marble design the details are vital to make the design stand out so the finish edge shouldn’t be something you ignore. The edge can completely transform the style of your kitchen, table, staircase etc. giving it its own character. Let’s take a look at the various options available and understand how it complement the style of the design. Possibly the first rational step is to select between a smooth, clean modern look or a more rounded, classic look. Let’s explore the available edges we offer at Costas Marmaras & Sons Ltd Granite, Marble & Stone factory.

Flat Polish

A flat polish is basically a straight edge treatment that offers clean lines, a sleek appearance, and a glossy finish.


Bevel is a simple, classic and elegant angular edge. This style is equally at home on modern counters or in a vintage kitchen that needs new life.
A standard bevel edge is a 45-degree angle. At Costas Marmaras Granite Stone and Marble, we can customize the angle as well as the width of the bevel edge.

Full Bullnose

There are two types of bullnose edges, the full and half bullnose.
The bullnose features a rounded edge giving a soft touch to any design. It is considered a timeless classic and commonly seen in both traditional residential and commercial settings.
The full bullnose makes the edge appear thinner and lets other design elements in the space become the centre of attention.

Half Bullnose

Edge Want to add a bit of curve but not a fun of the traditional full bullnose? Half Bullnose could be for you! This profile gives the countertop a sleek, smooth look while providing a comfortable feel as well. The half bullnose gives the edge a thicker appearance.

Pencil Round

The pencil round is another very popular granite edge that works in almost any setting. The top edge of the granite has a slight radius, about the diameter of a pencil. This gives the countertop edge a sleek look, pairing nicely with both modern and traditional design


A mitred edge is actually created when two pieces which are cut to a 45-degree angle are seamlessly and flawlessly join together. This type of edge can be customized. At Costas Marmaras & Sons Ltd Granite, Marble and Stone, we pride ourselves on a beautiful mitred edge. This type of edge is perfect when you prefer your kitchen countertop/island/table/bathroom vanity top to appear thicker (e.g., 8 cm thick). If the material chosen is veined, we can match the veins to turn and go right down the drop apron, giving you a consistent look.

Double or Triple Pencil Edge

This edge creates the illusion of a thicker countertop.
It provides weight and thickness creating the illusion of a thicker countertop which is soft to the touch and easy to be cleaned.
Combining three edges, this adds character, elegance and make this countertop stand out from others.