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Unveiling Multiple Benefits Of Marble Flooring

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February 12, 2020



Have you ever wondered what added benefits come with marble flooring?
Well, quite a long list!

  1. Increased Durability
    No more cringing anytime someone pulls out a chair in your dining room. You do not have to worry about that anymore. Marble flooring is often used for high traffic areas such as banks and public institutions due to its high durability. Choosing it for your home, especially in high traffic areas (e.g. corridors, dining room, living room & kitchen) will get some stress off your shoulders since it withstands almost anything! And let’s not forget that is ultraviolet (UV) radiation resistant so draw the curtains open and let the sun shine !
  2. Easy Cleaning
    Marble floors can be cleaned easier compare to other surfaces. Let’s imagine coffee having been spilt on a carpet, it will most probably leave a stain. You impatiently trying to google ways to successfully clean off the stain while making sure it does not make it worst by spreading it even further. We have all been there! Friends visiting over, family, kids.. spills are bound to happen! When marble is sealed properly, it can resist nearly anything. So, no more freaking out over a stain!
  3. Elegant Look
    Let’s be honest, marble catches the eye there is no doubt about that. It gives that touch of elegance, luxury and light to any room. The extensive contours of marble imitating water and reflecting light, gives an imposing effect and a cosiness that has been valued for centuries. Whether used in a big spacious living room or a small bathroom, it gives a finish radiance that turns the area more charming. No more trying to achieve elegance with a bunch of needless decoration. Marble will definitely do most of the work!
  4. Increase Home Value
    Renovating and improving is definitely exciting. But more exciting is the fact that you can increase your house’s value and ability to sell. A house is a huge investment and any time you upgrade it, you should expect that your invested money will returned back in your pocket in the future. Marble flooring can guarantee that they will!
  5. Reducing Allergens
    Are you or any of your family suffering from allergies? Consider marble flooring!
    Allergies to pet dander, dust or pollen can be triggered or exacerbated depending on your flooring, crazy right? If you have a carpet floor, gravity is going to allow fine particles of known allergens to land on and accumulate over time. Breathing them while walking across the carpeted floor will cause you sneezing, coughing, having red eyes and runny nose. Trying to clean the carpeted floor with a vacuum will make things worse as while picking up these allergens many of them will rise up and fly into your home’s atmosphere. Instead, installing marble as your flooring will resolve such issues as its smooth flat and can be cleaned easily. Marble flooring not only does it repel the allergen particles but due to its denser non-porous nature it does not hold odors.


Want to find out more?

This is just a short list of marble benefits, and there’s so much more to discover about this exquisite natural stone. Are you eager to explore the myriad of available colors, styles, and prices that marble has to offer? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 26-932218. We are committed to providing you with expert guidance and advice to help you select the ideal marble option for your interior while keeping your budget in mind.

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